Weight Control

Regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet are vital to a dog’s overall health and well-being, meaning owners need to be proactive and exercise their animals regularly. Hydrotherapy is a fantastic form of exercise which can play a very important role in maintaining animal fitness and weight control.

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Obesity in animals can cause similar conditions to obesity in humans; including arthritis, diabetes, heart, kidney and liver problems. Obesity can also impact a dog’s mobility, leading to issues with the joints and muscles, as well as speeding up the natural effects of old age.

Hydrotherapy provides an excellent method of exercise to over-weight animals, whilst reducing joint and muscle strain. The buoyancy and reduced weight load in the pool enables low-impact workouts. This highly effective form of exercise assists in developing and maintaining muscle tone, increases mobility, as well as overall fitness and stamina.

Here at Blossoms, we are happy to work with you and your vet to deliver a suitable fitness programme that will aid animal fitness and weight control. If you have any concerns about your animal’s weight, it is important to speak with your vet and discuss a regime of exercises that will safely work towards healthy weight-loss.