Fun Swims

Swimming is well known for being one of the healthiest exercises a dog can take part in. At Blossoms, we allow all dogs the equal opportunity to participate swimming in our heated indoor pool. We take pride in providing a safe, clean environment for fun, recreational swims.

Whether your dog is a natural water baby, or they’ve never swam before in their life, we welcome all breeds and ages to try out our facilities. It is a great form of exercise which works on building even muscle mass and tone. This works through the encouragement of varied and increased ranges of motion. This makes swimming ideal for maintaining the fitness levels of working, show, and performance dogs.

Even dogs that don’t naturally take to the water can find enjoyment in fun swims; whether through their love of a good game of fetch or by simply the relaxing in the therapeutic nature of the water.

As Cheshire’s largest Hydrotherapy pool, Blossoms can tailor directly to your pet’s needs.