Hydrotherapy is a fantastic, non-weight baring exercise, which can have a multitude of benefits for your animal. The use of water for the treatment of animals is a well-recognised practice and our Animal Hydrotherapist can cater for a range of needs.

Our large indoor pool provides the perfect environment for your dog to swim; whether as part of a post-trauma/rehabilitation programme, for fitness, weight control, or just for fun.

Blossoms offer a heated pool to provide a relaxing and therapeutic environment. Warm water acts to relax muscles by increasing skin temperature which reduces pain and muscle spasm. Hydrostatic pressure property of water also works to alleviate swelling by encouraging bodily fluid movement away from the affected area.

Our ground-level walk-in ramp has been specifically designed to allow for easy exit and entry. The ramp plays an important part for dogs with a nervous disposition or those with limited mobility.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Canine hydrotherapy is an excellent natural method of helping improve many conditions, including arthritis, spinal injuries, and obesity.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy include:

  • Non weight bearing exercise which encourages increased range of motion

  • Increased exercise tolerance, develop physical stamina and endurance

  • Stimulation of muscles through increased resistance and reduced inflammation

  • Pain relief and improved function and movement

  • Slowing of progressive or degenerative diseases

  • Improved quality of life for dogs with reduced mobility

  • Therapeutic and safe environment for treatment and exercise

  • Intensive, low-impact exercise

  • Increased speed of recovery


Animal hydrotherapy is delivered predominantly to dogs, although other animals can benefit from the therapeutic use of water to maintain and/or return the wellbeing of your animal. Whilst our Centre does not cater for horses; we can provide treatment, rehabilitation, relaxation, and fun sessions for all dogs and other small animals.